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(Ray Dorset Solo Album Album : Released 1972)
Got To Be Free/Cold Blue Excursion/With Me/Have Pity On Me/Time Is Now/Livin' Ain't Easy/Help Your Friends/I Need It/Because I Want You/Nighttime/Maybe That's The Way/Always On My Mind.



"Paul King and Ray Dorset, makers of Mungo Jerry's material have both recorded solo albums in recent months, and here we have Ray's offering. No sleeve credits for the horn section that launches off the opening track but we do know that assisting Ray Dorset are Mike McNaught, Dave Markee, Mike Travis, Sue and Sunny, John Godfrey and Colin Earl. We also know that there is another dimension to the artist than his obvious Leadbelly and Woody Guthrie inspired compositions although has used a few paragraphs from Guthrie's 'Born To Win' to preface the album. All in all, it's a very listenable album as Ray shows that he is not lacking in soul - but at the same time, he gives Mungo buffs a treat with 'Have Pity On Me'. The overall feel of the album is vital and persuasive.

J.G, Music Press, 1972.

First solo album from Ray Dorset is 'Cold Blue Excursion' on Dawn DNLS3033, and the 'voice' from Mungo Jerry has obviously set out to prove himself as a writer and an individual performer. On both counts he gets full marks for versatility. Ray not only sings, he plays 6 and 12 string acoustic and electric guitars and it all sounds great against full orchestral backing and added vocals. Title track is also Ray's current single, and his fans will be happy with this set of twelve new Dorset compositions".

Music Press, 1972.


This is a beautifully varied and entertaining first solo album from leader and lead singer Ray from Mungo Jerry. Songs range from the rocking opening number with lovely brass and backing vocals from Sue and Sunny; to sad little acoustic songs like 'With Me' to the rumbustious Mungo 'pub' songs. Ray is undoubtedly a fine and talented songwriter, the album is beautifully produced, clear and orderly".

* * * C.B, Music Press, 1972.


Ray Dorset Solo

"If you're expecting a Mungo offshoot, forget it - Ray has stepped out into areas of personal interest in a varied selection of categories. Frequented by odd instruments and weird rhythm alterations, the songs are strangely melodic and glossed by Ray's unique blues voice. Acoustic guitar provides the basis of most of the songs. Standouts are the near 20's rock, 'Have Pity On Me', which fairly skips along. 'Time Is Now' , perhaps the heaviest number with its full brass and 'Maybe That's The Way', which features a nice piano and a good flute lead. This is obviously an experiment and largely a success marred only by the occasional song where his voice is not brought forward naturally. Produced by Ray and Louise's boyfriend Barry Murray".

L.G, Music Press, 1972.


"Inside every lead singer is a soloist struggling to get out. Ray Dorset has at last achieved his ambition and having completed this solo LP, will doubtless reimmerse himself in Mungo Jerry happy at having got it out of his system. Mind you, I have nothing but praise for Ray's efforts on this disc. He has set out to cover as wide a range as possible and has written 12 songs which give full range to his versatility.

Maybe he finds the rock'n skiffle, jug-and-bottle approach of Mungo too restrictive. In any event, he's sure gone to town here for no two tracks are alike. I won't burden you with a list of titles because being all new songs, they will be meaningless to you. But put this album on the turntable and before you know it, you will slip from a blues into a country ditty, then on to an enchanting folk-flavoured air.

You'll find an out-and-out rocker, a touch of trad jazz, a sing-a-long and some pure straight-forward pop. Plus a slight hangover from Ray's association with Mungo. Punctuated by some pungent sounds from his six-string and 12-string guitars, the unmistakable harmonies of Sue and Sunny, and brilliant orchestral scorings - for which Ray himself was partly responsible.

A remarkably varied collection - if anything a little too stark in its contrasts - which provides ample scope for Ray's many and hitherto unsuspected talents.

Derek Johnson, Music Press, 1972.


"Ray Dorset steps from the line-up of Mungo Jerry to take the solo limelight with his own album. A prolific writer and an imaginative one, Ray has reserved the songs on this album until he could give them the care and attention they deserve. It's an album that should appeal to a wide taste, including as it does, rock music and emotional music but all very personal to Ray Dorset.

Music Press, 1972.


"The solo albums of Ray and Paul - I think both were most accomplished, especially when you consider our relative lack of experience in recording studios."


The One That Got Away

"I have been a fan of Mungo Jerry since In The Summertime and bought this (originally on vinyl) solely for that reason. What a surprise as it is nothing like I expected. It should have been a hit but somehow got lost in the malaise of metal and heavy rock releases at the time which is a pity. It proves beyond doubt that Ray Dorset is a far better songsmith than most give him credit for. He has a good ear for a catchy tune (the sort that seem to stick in your head for days) and whilst not taxing the brain too much the lyrics deserve more than passing credit as well. Plenty of styles are covered and the only slightly duff track is the title song itself. I defy anyone not to like 'Because I want You' (both pleading and heartfelt) and 'Always On My Mind'. This CD deserves a place in any record/CD collection".

Mr.Mungo Jerry

"Ray Dorset's (aka Mungo Jerry) solo album, reissue of the original LP from 1972, In that time Ray changed the music-style from Mungo Jerry from "Jug" into "Rock". This is a good opportunity to met the music of Ray Dorset. Listen to "Time Is Now" - "Help Your Friends" - "With Me" - "Because I Want You" and "Got To Be Free" and enjoy.

Thank's Ray, for this album".

Amazing! First Rate!

"What an underrated and amazingly enjoyable LP/CD. You will like this Ray Dorset release (if you can find it!). Any Mungo Jerry fan will be blown away".

...RAY SAID...

"The album was recorded at Pye Studios and produced by Barry Murray, after recording the basic backing tracks where I put down a guide vocal and acoustic guitar with the rhythm section, I worked out the musical arrangements for the strings and brass with John Fiddy in one of the Pye offices and he added some of his own ideas. The recording began in late ’71 and completed in early ’72. Some of the songs were written for the album and some had been around for some time, e.g., 'Cold Blue Excursion'".


"Simply fabulous! What a great solo album by the Mungo Jerry frontman! Even the music press were taken aback with a collection of songs that in no way resembled the music usually associated with the band. Ray said to me many years later that he wished that he had had the chance to redo the vocals and I was astonished, thinking that they couldn't be bettered. 'Cold Blue Excursion' is one of those albums that just does not have a single bad track on it, and it contains several gems - 'Got To Be Free', 'Because I Want You', 'Living Ain't Easy', and of course the title track. I'm not sure why it was chosen as the single as I just didn't think that it was single material. In my opinion, Ray could have gone with 'With Me', a much more radio friendly recording and one that had a real chance of being a hit. An album should be very proud of - I am!

Alan Taylor, Mungomania!

"I just bought Ray Dorset's excellent solo album, 'Cold Blue Excursion'. Indeed, I didn't think Dorset's songwriting capabilities extended beyond the Mungo Jerry type of music. But the variation and scope of the dozen tracks certainly proved me wrong. Especially songs like 'Got To Be Free' ad 'Time Is Now'.

David Owens, Liverpool.

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