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Here, we have a run down on the various Mungo Jerry Fan Clubs that have been in existence from 1970 up to around 2003. Of course, the Mungomania website was born (b.2003) out of last version of the club when it was decided to replace all the newsletters, fanzines with...a website...the reason being, it was much cheaper, a lot less work, etc. It was fun while it lasted and very popular, certainly from around '72 onwards.

Fan Club Booklet

MANCHESTER (1970-1971)

The mind goes a bit as you get older, so my memories of fan club membership around 1970-71 is a bit hazy, I do remember that I received some sort of membership card, a poster of the band and the a fan club booklet (see left), that contained a printed autograph page, a brief history of the band as it was then and individual pieces of each of the band - Ray Dorset, Colin Earl, Paul King and Mike Cole.

That was about it unfortunatley, that was all I ever received, but to be fair I can't remember exactly when I joined so may have just made it before it folded but I don't recall being too disappointed as I'd only been in Alan Hudson's fan club before (Great Chelsea footballer of the time), and I sure I only got a membership card then.

LONDON (1972-1980)

Whether there was disappointment or not when the Manchester based fan club closed, I was overjoyed to receive a letter asking me if I would like to join the brand new fan club, now based in London, with Ray very much involved with everything. Would I like to join? You bet I would! Fan Club 1972 NewsletterFan Club Newsletter 1972

Regular newsletters made every postal delivery an exciting time and even though things were pretty basic back then (come on, we didn't have central heating then), with individually typed sheets often the norm. Gig lists meant that you would never miss the band if they were up your way and in those days, they were everywhere believe me. We even had the regular special offers and I heard for the first time, the expression - 'fan club only' - when we were informed of special offers of t-shirts, posters, badges, and even for the first time, a 'fan club only cassette!

Like most things, it couldn't last forever and it was decided to discontinue the fan club.

Was that the end?

ILFORD (1981)

Gail Wayne, daughter of Ray's then manager, Cyril Wayne was next in line to give it a go but it never really got off the ground unfortunately and as far as I know, only one letter was sent out to fans, asking us to go out and buy the latest double-A sided single, 'Knocking On Heavens Door'/'Hazel Eyes', before things were wound up.

Was this the end for the fan club?

Long-time fan, Derek Wadeson had at that point already approched Ray with a view to running the fan club but Ray was committed having already said that Gail could do it.

And then...

ST.HELENS (1983-1992)

After thinking that it was the end for the Mungo Jerry Fan Club, it was extremely heartening to hear that a guy called Derek Wadeson who was based in St.Helens on Merseyside had set things up again. Derek explained in the Mungo Jerry book, 'Beyond The Summertime'

"It was while Ray was doing a tour of radio stations to promote 'Knocking On Heaven's Door' that I first spoke to him about resurrecting the club. At that time, his then manager Cyril Wayne wanted his daughter Gail to have a go, so the idea was put on ice until Gail's venture folded and Ray was ready to release 'There Goes My Heart Again'. By this time I had known Ray for several years, attending more gigs and collecting more records than my bank balance dares to remember.

So with Ray's blessing, I set about starting up the Mungo Jerry Fan Club Mk4. It was initially made much harder due to Cyril having lost all the old fans addresses, so I had to start from scratch. I first set about calling it the Mungo Jerry Information Fan Club, but quickly dropped the 'information' from the title when people started writing to me giving me addresses that they suggested I write to if I wanted info on the group!

My main aim over the years has been to keep fans up to date with Ray's/Mungo's happenings, and to try and supply as many old records to help keep their collections complete, a task that has become harder over the years. Ray helped the cause no end by making available through the club some of his unreleased material on cassette, and during the last year or so (1990), Paul King gave me the rights to release some of his unheard product. This helped keep a smile on many a fans face, so cheers lads".

Even if, by today's modern standards, things could probably be considered pretty basic, all this new and regular information was manna from heaven to me. Mungo were rocking again and Derek did a brilliant job letting everybody know about it, and there was a steady flow of 'fan club only' cassettes to get the juices flowing. Some fans were and still are a little critical about the quality of the recordings, and maybe some of the sleeves (photocopies in most cases), but I loved them all. I mean, c'mon...where else were you gonna lay your hands on these special Mungo Jerry recordings - demos from Ray's archives, live recordings, radio shows - this was wonderful!

Shadows Cassette Sleeve


I Just Wanna Dance With You/Crazy Girl/Sitting On A Rainbow/Hello Nadine/Party-o/Back Door Man/Dead Or Alive/That's What I Like/Get Down On Your Baby/Away We Go an'Away We Fly/What's Your Game/Woh-oh-oh/I Love You Baby/Mighty Man. - (Collection of unreleased recordings, demos and even a couple of tracks taken direct from the original acetates, including 'Mighty Man'.)

Live 70-71 Cassette Sleeve

'MUNGO JERRY LIVE - 1970-71':

San Francisco Bay Blues/Somebody Stole My Wife/Johnny B.Badde/Maggie/Gimme That Harp/You Better Leave That Whisky Alone. - (1970 live in the studio radio session.)
Side 2 - Milk Cow Blues/Lady Rose/Statesbro'Blues/Peace In The Country/Bottle Up and Go/Mighty Man. - (1971 live gig recorded for radio.)

Ragged Cassette Sleeve


A Wiggle and a Waggle/Someone Turn Out The Light/Wild Wild Woman/Put a Little Love In Your Letter/Down On Duke Street/Gone Gone Gone/There Goes My Heart Again/Kissing In The Shadows/Just To Make You Want Me/My Chair/All I Want Is Boogie/How Can I Live a Lie. - (More unreleased recordings, including demos.)

Mungo '82 Cassette Sleeve

'MUN-GO INTO '82':

Don't Start Me Talking/Mighty Man/Dust Pneumonia Blues/Wooden Heart/Hello Nadine/Bottle Of Beer/Open Up/Rock'n Roll/You Got Me Dizzy/She Loves Me Like a Woman/There's a Light Shining In The Sky/On a Night Like This/Whole Lotta Shakin'Going On/Put a Little Love In Your Letter/That Old Dust Storm/Singing The Blues/Come Deeper/Glad I'm a Rocker. - (Live German gig)

Merseyview Cassette Sleeve


Long Legged Woman Dressed In Black/See You Later Alligator/Lady Rose/Ghost Riders In The Sky/Prospects/Baby Jump/Rock'n Roll/Mighty Man/In The Summertime/Alright Alright Alright/Red Leather and Chrome/If I Had a Hammer/Diana/Barbara Ann/At The Hop/Goodnight Irene/We've Got To Go. - (Live UK gig at The Merseyview - 1987)

Visions Cassette Sleeve


Never Be Sad/Vision Of You/Dressed To Kill/Sailor's Farewell/You Are The One/Wind Of Change/Children Of Darkness/Phobia/Hey Good Lookin'/Russian Roulette. - (Rare unreleased Paul King recordings.)

Capitol Radio Cassette Sleeve


Baby Give Me One More Chance/Have a Whiff On Me/Tossin'and Turnin'/Big Brown Eyes/St.Pete's Florida Blues/Little Bit Of Love/One Thousand Miles/Dance Dance Dance/Don't Stop. - (1974 live radio show)
Lady Rose/Midnight Special/Tear'em Down/Little Bit Of Love/Long Legged Woman Dressed In Black/It Ain't What You Do/Flying Saucers Rock'n Roll/Baby Jump/Mighty Man/Northcote Arms. - (1976 live radio show)

Paladin Cassette Sleeve


Zodiac/September Slave/Goddess Of War/Lady Of The Moon/Queen Of The Storm/Lady With The Red Hair/Camila La More/In The Night. -

(More Paul King recordings made available by Paul to the Fan Club. Includes tracks recorded for Paul's 'Star Signs' project intended for release, then shelved by the record company, or as Paul said in later years - "they sacked us basically"!)

Exhumed Cassette Sleeve


Zodiac/Goddess Of War/Lady Of The Moon/Queen Of The Storm/Lady With The Red Hair/Camilla La More/All In The Night/Children Of Darkness/No One To Phone/Wind Of Change/Saturday Matinee/Flying Machine/Now You Know/If You See My Baby.

(More Paul King rarities, and demos from Paul's own archives)

Eclipse Cassette Sleeve


My Babe/Don't Think Twice/Can't Judge a Book/Voodoo/Creepin'Like Jesus/Maggie/Stackolee/Ugly Sue/38 Plug/Houdini/She Belongs To Me/Song For Frank/Knocking On Heavens Door/Boogie Woogie/Hey Good Lookin'/Live For Today/Long Tall Women/Let's Work Together.

(Live recording from a live 80's gig from the band that featured Paul King, Colin Earl, Colin Pattenden and Don Stevens)

St Helens FC NewsletterSoul Party Newsletter

Beyond The Summertime Book Cover

In time, the fan club newsletters were replaced by fanzines. Fanzines that started life as 'Keep On Rocking', and then became known as 'Mun-go For It"!.

Highlights for me of Derek's time at the fan club helm, were the cassettes, the scrapbook of press cuttings he produced (even though most of them were from my own scrapbook) and the limited edition fan club pack that consisted of more press cuttings, a set of colour photographs from 1971 and even an autographed certificate. Brilliant!

As time went on, Derek involved me in more and more of the fan club activities and we did for a time operate a Mungo Jerry 'Record Finding Service' called 'Mungo-Maniacs' that managed to plug the gaps in many a fan club members collection.

Of course we had the Mungo Jerry book - 'Beyond The Summertime', co-written by Derek and John Van Der Kiste and published in 1990 and still available from the fan club shop.

Sadly, it couldn't go on for ever and after starting up his own business in the early 90's and finding that time was against him in his quest to keep us all happy, Derek asked me to take over from him which of course, I was more than happy to do. I couldn't wait to get started...

NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE (1992 - 2003-ish?)

The first thing to do after taking over from Derek was to put my first fanzine together, and I duly came up with issue 5 which was, once again, a fairly basic fanzine now called Mung-go For It! The fanzines contained all of things, and more, that used to go into the newsletters.

All in all, between Derek and myself, we came up with 18 in total.

I actually worked on and produced issue 19, but the decision had been taken to discontinue the fanzines, mainly down to costs, and concentrate on the new fan club website so issue 19 was never sent out to fans.


From time to time, we also found time to put out a few newsletters, and even newspapers in the later days but all gave way to the website. Much easier to run even though some fans were a little upset that the 'snail-mail' days were over.

Fan Club Newsletter 2000

Here is one of our newsletters from the autumn of 2000 that included news of the Whitchurch Festival weekend in Hampshire, where Mungo Jerry played a sit-down, jug band/blues set and - none of the hits!. This was one of my most memorable Mungo times - I saw both Mungo Jerry, at Whitchurch in the afternoon, and the King Earl Boogie Band at Axmouth in Devon in the evening!

There is a review of both gigs, news of a re-release of the Katmandu album, 'A Case For The Blues', as well as some news of the latest fanzine of the time. In it, there was an exclusive interview with Joe Rush, a look back at the Hollywood Festival and 1970 revisited.

We also attached a double-sided flyer listing all available merchandise, from 'fan club only' CD's, cassettes and fanzine backnumbers.

I was selling them direct from 'Mungo-Towers' back then and the quality of some of the CD's was not as good as they are today. Of course, these days we have the 'Official On-Line Shop' located at mungojerry.com and both the quality and variety of the merchandise is now exactly as we hoped it would be back in those days.

Mungo at The Pea Cassette Sleeve


We Shall Be Free/Take This Hammer/San Francisco Bay Blues/Don't You Rock Me Daddy'o/You Got Me Dizzy/Baby Please Don't Go/Bottle Up and Go/Dimples/In The Summertime/Jesse James/Sugar In The Bowl/Pick a Bale o'Cotton/Bottle Of Beer/Hey Gyp/Colours/Let It Roll/Rock Me Mama/On The Road Again/See You Later Alligator/Lady Rose/Midnight Special/Have a Whiff On Me. - (Live recordings taken from two visits to the legendary 'Processed Pea Folk Club' in the early 90's.)

Jerry Jug & Joe 2 Cassette Sleeve


Midnight Special/San Francisco Bay Blues/Have a Whiff On Me/Let's Work Together/O'Reilly/Cadillac Car/Jean Harlow/Jesse James/Baby Give Me One More Chance/Going Down Slow/Dust Pneumonia Blues/We Shall Be Free/We're In The Same Boat Brother/You Got Me Dizzy/My Friend/Meeting In The Building/That Old Dust Storm/I Just Wanna Make Love To You/Let's Roll Baby/Ting-a-Ling/Somebody Stole My Wife/Maggie/Walking The Dog. - (live recording actually given to the fan club by Joe Rush, of himself, Ray Dorset and Mick Frampton, playing in the pub in France in 1986 and recorded on a walkman but still sounds great!)

Warts & All Cassette Sleeve


Joe put this tape together for the fan club back in 2000, just before he appeared with Ray at the Hollywood 30 Year Anniversary gigs. He answered some questions for me, and the end product appeared in the fanzine.

Joe basically chats about his time as a musician and also plays some of old favourites from his vast music collection - as you would expect with Joe, there are several funny bits, as he reminisces about his musical career, when he first met Ray, leaving The Good Earth just before the band became Mungo Jerry and his return to the fold in the mid-70's.

Shadows One NewspaperShadows Two Newspaper

We moved from fanzines to pretty much the same thing but in newspaper form called 'From Shadows To Bright Lights' and there were two in that format. We then put out another as a 24 page 'magazine' and then after weighing up the pro's and con's, it was decided to continue as we were but instead of putting everything out in paper form, we'd provide it all through a website.

We all thought that when we started to make 'fan club only' CD's available, I think around 2000, that we had truly cracked it but in truth they were a more than a little disappointing and the overall quality left a lot to be desired and many fans were unhappy with them.

Gradually though, since those prototype days, things have improved immensly with the 'fan club only' product now of record company standard.

Nowadays, fan club subscriptions are no more, in fact the fan club is no more, but the on-line shop is firmly in place and doing great business with new merchandise appearing regularly, based at - www.mungojerry.com - Ray is recording great music - still!

Things could hardly get any better! Could they?

(Some old shots of the Fan Club 'nerve centre', probably early 2000's)

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